Saturday, July 17, 2010

The 2010 Matrix


Directed by Christopher Nolen

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who loved Inception those who did not. I fortunately am one of those people who loved it. There are very few films that leave me in utter bliss that make me want to go out and make everyone I know to watch it just so I can talk about it. Midpoint through out the film I whispered to myself “This is it!” I have been waiting in anticipation for almost a year for the release of this film. The last time a movie blew my mind like that was when I went to go see The Matrix 1999. Much like The Matrix, I walked in the theater not knowing anything about the storyline. It just had cool special effects that I haven’t seen before and attractive actors, enough to get a girl to the box office on opening day.

In Hollywood more times then not the films that are made for blockbuster success usually are not unique and lack creativity. When something as clever and interesting as Inception comes out it not only sets the bar high for moviemakers, but makes the audience a little smarter too. Christopher Nolen is a director that always seems to give you something you weren’t exactly expecting and didn’t know you needed. He is known most for Batman Begins and The Dark Night, but he wrote Inception almost 10 years before it was released. The difference between brilliance and ordinary is the ability to take and idea and not only see it through, but look at it from all angles, take it apart, but it together until you make it your own version of perfect. The reason why films like this are so mind-blowing is because it takes simple idea that most people have thought about in passing, but brings a specific depth and development that make it spectacular. There are points in the movie that seem a little too complicated and too confusing, but not anything you can’t fix by watching a few more times. Needless to say it went above and beyond my expectations.

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