Monday, June 7, 2010

Neo Noir goes to High School

Brick (2005)
Directed by Rian Johnson

Brick was about Brandon, a flawed and morally questionable hero played by Joseph Gorden Levitt. He investigates the disappearance of his girlfriend by digging deep into the underworld of high school crime. The story followed all the classic Film Noir characters with witty and cheeky dialog. The unlikely combination of a modern day suburban high school setting and the Film Noir storyline is what made this film so exciting. The contrast between the two was so apparent it was comedic. One of my favorite scenes in the film is the conversation between the high school crime lord, “The Pin” and Brandon. They sit at the kitchen table and The Pin’s mother asking Brandon if he wants Country Style Apple Juice. Sure, you could say that its completely unrealistic, but you can’t tell me having the crime lord’s lair in his mom’s basement isn’t funny.

I haven't had much interest in watching classic 1940’s Film Noir. However, with such amazing Neo Noir films such as Memento 2000, LA Confidential 1997, Basic Instant 1992, and Mulholland Drive 1996, and now Brick, I might just have to give the classics a shot.

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