Thursday, June 3, 2010

“Men who are too good looking are never good in bed because they never had to be.” - Carrie Bradshaw

Sex in the City 2 (2010)
Directed by Michael Patrick King

Like most women, I’m a huge fan of the show. Sex in the City is like Star Wars for women. We get all dressed up and take our best girlfriends and parade down to the cinema. I did just this in homage to one of the best shows in TV history. I went with another fan of the show and I must say we were where both delighted to see the girls again on the big screen. It’s like visiting old friends you haven’t heard from in years. We got there an hour early and commented on women’s outfits and shoes as they walked by. I even noticed the demographic of the crowd; for every 15 women standing in line there were a group of gay guys. I found myself talking with strangers as we all bonded over the love of the show.

“Solidarity!” I told my friend.

“Solidarity from what?” She asked.

“From men?” I said, not exactly sure how to put my feeling into words at the time. LOL

Like most people in the theater we had very low expectations for the actual quality of the film but for die-hard fans it didn't matter. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t completely suck! Don’t get me wrong, there were many over the top, over acted, super cheesy moments. It was like a really long episode, unlike the first movie when they tried to squeeze a full season in one movie. I also appreciated the fact that they keep the mood light and funny allowing the characters to be who we remembered them to be. Samantha was inappropriate, Charlotte was traditional and a little judgy, Miranda was sarcastic and funny and Carrie well… was still Carrie. The girls are well into the next stage of their lives, married, kids, and menopause and thankfully there is still something funny about that. Once I overlooked the unrealistic union of the gay couple, the Aub Dabi location, and the cheesy karaoke number I found myself still able to relate to these women all over again. Much like the first film, this one didn't stand up on its own and it’s definitely a watered down version of the show but the basic essence carried through.

In a society that creates unhealthy female competition that in turn creates insecure and immature women; Sex in the City represents the very best of female relationships. The real success of the show wasn’t the clothing or the sex, but the unbreakable bond between the four women. More women get married later and having families later in life so the bond between friends ends up becoming one of the most important relationships you will have. How is that for solidarity?

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  1. Funny I would read this now. I was just wondering "out loud" what on Earth women expect from friendship. The female bonding experiences that most women share really provide the glue to hold friends together (and the appeal of the whole Sex in the City phenomenon). It's interesting.