Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hey! He reminds me of....

Crazy Heart (2009)
Directed by Scott Cooper

Crazy Heat is a film about a alcoholic country star, Bad Black, played by Jeff Bridges, whose hard-living life style spiral him out of control into a self-destructive cycle. Unlike most films about musicians, this film focuses on what happens after mistakes are made and the damage is irreversible. There is nothing attractive or likable about this character, but we all have known or have been a person who was so deeply flawed. This wasn't a film about country music or music at all for that matter.

Jeff Bridges Oscar win is definitely well deserved with his heartbreaking performance. The film just might have gotten nominated for best picture if it wasn’t for Collin Farrell. His certian aura of entitlement worked well for his character but proved to be mediocre next to Bridges performance. Besides Farrell the other cast members brought idiosyncrasies to the storyline. Robert Duvall is a class act as always and Maggie Gyllenhall has another good performance under her belt.

This film gives a different perspective of a story that has been told many times before. Its an in-depth look into our own demons and allows you to sympathize with a person we would otherwise hate.