Tuesday, January 5, 2010

BEST Films of 2009

As we ease into a new year. I'd like to look back at my top 10 films of 2009.

10. Inglourious Basterds
Directed by Quentin Tarantino

After I posted my blog I talked to a few other die hard film enthusiast and they none of them liked this movie and thought I was crazy for even thinking this was a good film. Tarantino is know for violence so perhaps people were expecting more of it, considering it was a movie about the Nazis. I still stand behind this film. What they didn't like is the sole reason why I did.

9. Its Complicated
Directed by Nancy Meyers

There are a ton of romantic comedies but its nice when it gets done right. I laughed my ass off throughout the whole film. Cute boy from The Office John Krasinski is utterly funny and steals the show.

8. Up
Directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson

I like it when you go see a film and your pleasantly surprised. Up would probably rank as a close second to my favorite animated films of the 21st century.

Directed by Clint Eastwood

A perfect film that reflects our own political climate today.

6. Up in the Air
Directed by Jason Reitman

I enjoyed myself throughout the whole film but I the ending made me a little sad.

5. Julie and Julia
Directed by Nora Ephron

This film is what gave me the idea of writing this blog. I love stories about quarter-life crisis.

4. Precious
Directed by Lee Daniels

Finally a film that will hopefully begin a new genre in cinema.

3. The Informant!
Directed by Steven Soderbergh

I'm a sucker for dark comedies. I loved this movie so much I saw it twice in the theaters.

2. 500 days of summer
Directed by Marc Webb

A cute corky non love story. I also really love it when drawing gets incorporated into a film.

1. Away We Go
Directed by Sam Mendes

It made me laugh, cry and leaving the theater feeling fully satisfied.

Possible film that might have made the list but on my must see list:

Broken Embraces
Crazy Heart
A Single Man


  1. You know what! "The Informant!" was missed on a lot of other best lists! Good catch.

  2. I haven't seen a lot of these films yet. Hopefully I will get to see them soon. My personal favorite movie this year was Adventureland. This movie has it all; great comedy, coming of age, romantic comedy. After the magic cookie and bumber car scene, the movies flows brilliantly to the ending. In addition, I love the pacing of this movie.

    Inglorious Basterds was the most indulgent, over-rated and most misleading movie this year, and I worry about Tarantino. This movie was not about the Inglorious Basterds or even a war movie. It is a movie about French and German films and it was frankly boring. I know that Tarantino loves French and German films, but this was ridiculously indulgent and boring. In fact, Brad Pitt and the Inglorious Basterds were not the main characters, but side characters. This film is really about a Jewish girl named Shosannah, who owns a French Theater and wants revenge on the Nazis.

  3. I def need to catch up on a few of these before the Oscars air. You know how I feel about Precious (still tramautized) and I def wouldn't have picked Away We Go as #1 although it was a delightful surprise during my saturday afternoon movie hopping. Did I tell you how I cried through the whole beginning of Up? What a beautifully crafted love story. And Julie and Julia was great too - I need to write a blog about someone famous so I can BLOW UP. I'll let you ride my coattails, don't worry.

    Next year you should host an Oscar Party!