Thursday, January 7, 2010

Amuse Bouche - Holidays 2009

Sherlock Holmes

Directed By Guy Ritchie

First of all, I’m so glad to see Robert Downey Jr. so successful post rehab. He looks great! This film is entertaining and better than I expected with a few unexpected plot twists. I can’t wait for the sequel.


Directed by Rob Marshall

I expected something else, but it did get better towards the end. Fergie was surprisingly good. Overall not a bad film but I’m not sure what all the hype is about.

Princess and the Frog

Directed by

Ron Clements and John Musker

I’m excited to see a black princess, but there isn't anything particular that stands out about this movie. Maybe I just got too old to enjoy children films without adult subtext.


Directed by James Cameron

Can we say modern day Pocahontas? The colonial aspect was a little annoying, but the film is stunning. The visual effects where amazing but the acting is mediocre. I can’t take this movie too seriously. They spent 500 millions dollars on the film and it has made over a billion dollars. It is classic Hollywood money making at it finest. What more can you ask for from a Blockbuster success.

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