Monday, December 14, 2009

You can't forget, but how do you forgive?

Directed by Jim Shridan

As a person who thrives on the alternative, I surprise myself when I’m initially disappointed by an unpredictable storyline. I almost like it more when I leave the theater thinking, “What the hell was that about”. It gives me a chance to let is soak in and fester in my phyche . When I saw the previews for the film Brothers, I assumed it would be a melodrama about the relationship between the brothers much like Legends of the Fall (1994). Instead, the film is about how circumstances reshape a new version of yourself and learning how to live with those decisions you make. While watching the movie I was comparing the film to Stop-Loss (2008) a film that also depicts solders needing to face their family after war.

This is a basic story of good brother turns bad and the bad brother turn good, but this isn’t where the story lies. I think the reason why I was first disappointed IS because I wanted to see the characters pay for their actions, but there is nothing predictably dramatic and there is no moral of the story. Instead, the film documents what happens when you have to live with yourself for the decisions that you made. It’s a pretty simple but profound concept.

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  1. Thanks, you made me want to see this!