Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bay Area Love

Medicine for Melancholy
Directed by Barry Jenkins

I stumbled across this movie and was excited to see what this new director had in store for me. At a glance, this film is very simple boy meets girl story. It takes place a day after a one-night stand as two strangers correspond over the course of a day. Jenkins captures San Francisco single life perfectly by creating characters who have interesting conversations and an intimate connection within a shallow relationship. The conversations between the two characters are dialogs every black person living in the bay area has had at least once. Issues of gentrification, inter-racial relationships and bay area culture were all talked about, but it was manner in which the conversations unfolded is what made the film interesting. In between the dialog were long periods of silence where cinema-photography gave you a tour of San Francisco, while the characters reflected the personality of the bay area. If you haven’t lived in San Francisco you might not appreciate all of the subtleties of the dialog, but for someone who has lived here for almost five years it was like looking in the mirror
I look forward to seeing Jenkins next project.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to a new film director and a film I might not of heard of all the way down here in LA;) No seriously, I hadn't heard of this on. Crazy how PR works for these indies.